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Tips For Specifying Bar Stools

bar stools tips

Tips For Specifying Bar Stools

Bar tops, counters and tables are designed in varying lengths. Consequently, buyers need to purchase stools that match these variations. An appropriate height between a bar stool and a table is essential to provide maximum comfort to a guest. With this, guests can rest their arms comfortably and grab drinks easily.

These bar stools can be uniquely designed with different materials such as plastic, metal, or wood. When purchasing these chairs, buyers should endeavour to choose materials that complement the theme or style of the bar, cafe, or restaurant. For example, metal bar stools are ideal in a high-rise apartment, while in a beach house, coastal bar stools are suitable. These chairs can be uniquely styled to suit the user’s convenience and are available in a wide variety of designs.

Consider these tips when choosing a bar stool


This is a very crucial part when choosing specifications for bat stools. The height of the chair allows for a proper sitting position. Bar Stools usually takes up a standard size of about 0.75 meters to 0.8 meters. This is also applicable to a counter table. It allows for better positioning of the user when eating, sitting or working.

Kitchen height tables usually would be appropriately complemented by stools with about 0.6 meters to 0.75 meters, while low chairs of 0.45 meters to 0.49 meters are ideal. The gap between the seat and the bar top should be between 0.25 meters to 0.3 meters.

Contrarily buyers can adopt a bar stool with adjustable heights to allow guests to position the chairs to their preference.



Back or Backless Stools

Buyers should choose between a back or backless stool. While stools with backrests provide additional comfort, safety, and support, especially when sitting for a long time, a backless stool, on the other hand, creates an increased visual appeal, can fit into smaller spaces, and gives off more finesse to the decoration. The bar stool with backrests is available in the low back and high backrest options. Buyers can also adopt chairs with armrests.


Like a bar stool with a backrest, cushioned barstools provide additional comfort to the guest, especially when sitting for a long time. Users can also opt for a cushionless seat if it matches the theme of their design.

Durability and Design

Durability is a cost-effective choice when purchasing bar stools. However, durability should not be sacrificed for style or design. Metal, leather, wood, and plastics are durable options for a bar stool. However, they create different kinds of ambience. While leather stool gives off luxurious looks, wooden bar stool gives off a traditional look.


This is an important part when uplifting the outlook of the bar. Although the colours of bar stools are usually solid, buyers should choose colours that complement their bars’ outlook and create a unique design.

Barstool bases

Buyers can opt for a pedestal base stool, a swivel pedestal base, a free-standing or a floor-fixed base. Stretchers and footrests should be included when designing four-legged chairs.

Storage and Weight

Stackable chairs are easier to store; however, the chairs should be designed to limit movements away from the bar.

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