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Restaurant Table Tops; Metal, Marble, and More

restaurant table tops

Restaurant Table Tops; Metal, Marble, and More

There are various tabletop materials to choose from in the hospitality industry. These designs range from different kinds of wood such as walnut, hard maple wood, pine, oak, mahogany, and other hardwood and softwood varieties. Other materials used in manufacturing a tabletop include laminate, metal, quartz, glass, synthetic, resin, etc. An important factor when choosing tabletop material for your restaurant furniture is the uniqueness of the table design and how it complements the design and theme of your restaurant.

Here are some tabletops used for restaurant furniture;

Metal table tops

Metal table tops such as stainless steel, brass, zinc, copper, and aluminium are commonly used for the production of restaurant tables tops. These materials can be designed in varying ways to suit the outlook of restaurants. However, the shades of this tabletop have a limited number of sheet size fabrication; any measurement above 3000mm×1100m for zinc and 3000×1000mm for copper and brass would require joining. The metal can be edged using the bullnose or straight method. They are firmly held with screws, studs, and rivets. Besides being a table on its own, metal is used to style different kinds of tabletops like laminate, timber, and marble. Metals can adopt the lacquered and waxed finishing when using copper, zinc, or brass. However, not all metals are suited for outdoor use; however, non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, zinc, copper or brass can be used outdoors.

Terrazzo Table Tops

Terrazzo tabletops is an emerging trend in the hospitality industry. Although it is cheaper than marble tabletops, marble is more resistant to damage. This is because it is made up of 70% of marble.

Tables & legs

Glass table Tops

Glass tables are very vulnerable and thus rarely used as a tabletop for restaurants. It is also noisy but available in different sizes, shapes and finishes. To improve safety and durability, metals can be attached underneath the table when designing.

Stone and Concrete Tables

Stone and concrete tables are fragile, noisy and heavy tabletops. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs but easily chip around the corners. This material is available in granite and marble types and is about 20mm thick. Although marble table tops are more brittle and expensive, and attractive, granite is more durable but less attractive. The stone and concrete kinds of tables require special care when fixing table bases due to their brittleness. It also requires general care as it can be easily scratched and stained by tea, cleaning products, and wine.

Laminate Table Tops

This tabletop is made of highly tough materials that are resistant to impact, heat, scratches, and cleaning products. It is slim and tough and available in a variety of colours. Laminate tabletops are made of resins and layers of cellulose fibrous materials, strongly bonded to withstand pressure.

Werzalit Tabletops

This is a waterproof tabletop material designed for outdoor and indoor use. It is designed with melamine wrapping with resin core and composite wood. A downside to this tabletop is that it cannot be customized; however, it is available in different finishes, sizes, and shapes.

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