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Restaurant Tables and Chairs Buyers Guide

restaurant furniture buyers guide

Restaurant Tables and Chairs Buyers Guide

An integral part of creating an exotic outlook of a restaurant is purchasing the right kind of furniture. The furniture helps to make the intending look of the decorator and helps to set the mood for the occasion. Choosing good quality furniture helps improve the aesthetics of the design and improve the guest’s comfort. Consequently, some factors guide the user in purchasing the right furniture to suit the ambience of the type of restaurant. These factors include the material, space planning, finishes, and style.

Consider these guides when purchasing furniture for restaurants


Always consider the trending styles when choosing the furniture for your restaurant. Buyers can choose to adopt any chair; however, they should be open to designs, even armchairs. When purchasing armchairs, always ensure that they fit properly under the tabletops. The chairs should create a balanced feeling for the user and complement the restaurant’s theme. For example, if adopting a local themed restaurant or cuisine, choosing restaurant furniture that reflects the local culture and layout similar to home furniture is appropriate. Generally, high-backed chairs improve the impact of the restaurant. Additionally, low backed chairs a little higher than the tables are suitable for restaurants with low ceilings.


The material used in designing a chair improves the look of the restaurant and the comfort of the guest. Materials used for outdoor dining tables may not be suitable for indoor use. Buyers should consult furniture sellers to select and complement the style of the restaurant with the material. The material should also be durable and suitable for different temperature variations and heavy usage. Generally, wooden tables are cost-effective, easy to maintain and easy to move. Metal chairs Amy appear cold and noisy while wooden chairs appear warm and high-quality.




Utilizing the space in an environment is very crucial. Furniture should allow for the proper arrangement of the restaurant to facilitate easy movement between the guest and staff. The furniture should allow appropriate spacing between the restaurant tables and chairs. The shape of the furniture should allow for sufficient spacing. Diner tables and chairs should have a standard spacing of three hundred inches for a diner.


The heights of the restaurant furniture should be aligned to allow customers to enjoy their meals. The comfort of the guest determines the effectiveness of the furniture. The tables should be arranged to suit the cuisine being served; thus, tables might need to be changed some times. For example, a family-themed restaurant should have larger tables to allows all guests sit comfortably. Upholstered chairs should be comfortable to the human body and be adequately padded.

Durability and Budget

No restaurant owner would want to replace destroyed chairs regularly. The chair’s durability is a cost-effective choice as the chairs would be regularly used. This helps to prevent constant repairs and wear and tear. These durable chairs should be suited for consistent and heavy use. However, the durability of the furniture works hand in hand with the buyer’s budget.

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