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How to Choose Your Table Bases

how to choose your table bases

How to Choose Your Table Bases

Choosing an appropriate table base is important to provide enough support to the tabletop and, at the same time, provide maximum comfort to the guest while improving the ambience of your outdoor space. Choosing the table base involves selecting the right table material, the shape of the tabletop, and the right size that would create a symmetrical arrangement. The table’s height, space, and style are crucial when choosing the base and top because not all table tops work with all kinds of bases. For example, square tabletops and cross bases are an excellent pair; a round table base is perfect for a round tabletop. This also applies to the height of the table, as taller tables tend to need more support and balance.

Additionally, buyers should purchase tables that are not easily prone to rust and fading and can be easily maintained when buying tables.

Buyers of furniture for the hospitality industry usually opt for the pedestal table bases due to their suitability and availability in different finishes, materials, and sizes.

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However, buyers need to consider these important factors when purchasing a table base.


Buyers should always consider if the table would be regularly moved and stored away or fixed to a particular place. This would help the buyer decide whether to purchase a base that could be easily folded and easily stored. If the tables were regularly moved, the bases and tabletops should not be designed with heavy materials such as stone tops. The buyer should also choose tables that are easy to stack and do not consume much space while stacking. Tables with spider mechanisms are better options.


An important factor in choosing the table base is the choice of finishing. Always endeavour to select the right finishing to suit the use of the furniture as not all furniture are suited for outdoor and indoor use. The finishing is also important as an inappropriate one may not appeal to the tabletops and the chair.


Consider the environment the table base is to be used before purchase. While metal, steel, and pedestal bases are suitable for outdoor dining tables, other materials such as wood fit indoor use. Additionally, the bottom of outdoor tables should be weighty and stackable if moved occasionally.


Another important aspect when purchasing tables bases is the height of the table. This would help to provide comfort to the users. The tables should have enough room to allow for free movements of the legs and fit into the environment. For example, bars and restaurants’ tables and chairs have different heights. In a bar, the bat stool height should correspond with the table. This is also applicable to restaurant tables and chairs.


The table’s base should support the chair. The column should be thick enough to offer support and align with the diner chair to prevent discomfort to the user. The spider, column and base plate of the table base should provide stability to ensure fitting.

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