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Jadoreos Aluminium Restaurant Chair Made in Turkey

  • Complete aluminium structure
  • Anti scratch rubber feet
  • Long lasting electrostatic painting all aluminium parts
  • Outdoor resistant fabric
  • High quality cushion
  • Wide selection of outfoor fabrics
  • Leg colors can be selected from any RAL code
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Height : 88 cm Width : 70 cm
Depth : 67 cm Seat Height: 50 cm
Box Volume :  Weight : 6,5 kg
eco friendly


World’s one of the most sustainable resource is aluminium. Recycling 100% and no quality lose during this process. We are still using 75% of all aluminium ever produced today. This means when you buy aluminium outdoor furniture made in Turkey, the raw material has been previously used as another product, maybe an airplane wing or a bevereage can. Aluminium recycling benefits 95% less energy, thereby avoids corresponding emissions, including greenhouse gases.



Our wide range of outdoor fabric options allow you to create a unique design for your gardens and patios.

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Endless varieties of painting to any RAL color with high quality powder coated electrostatic painting.


Your restaurant patio can become inviting and distinctive by incorporating attractive outdoor furnishings like Jadoreos Aluminium Restaurant Chair. Don’t be scared to consider unconventional seating options while choosing your place to sit. Unique tables, chairs, booths, and stools will enhance your establishment’s appearance and vibe. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors, either! For instance, RCF offers a wide range of premium outdoor furniture manufactured in Turkey that radiates a cozy, uncomplicated vibe with pops of color that make the space come to life and appear lively.



When choosing the ideal furniture for your space, function should come first. Furniture used indoors typically has very specific, practical objectives that are determined by the area in which it will be used, such as a living room or bedroom. They are able to successfully mix comfort and elegance as a consequence. On the other hand, when it comes to patio furniture, durability comes first.

Despite being used regularly, indoor furniture typically lasts longer than outside furniture because it is not subjected to extreme temperatures and weather. Despite being more resilient, outdoor furniture requires additional maintenance to avoid fading, stains, or corrosion. We believe that those terrible problems can be avoided by being aware of how the furniture is made and maintained.

Finding the greatest and most suitable materials can make your furniture more durable, as well as attractive and reasonably priced.



Many guests relax outside with a drink, a meal, and some fresh air on your restaurant’s patio. You wish to alter yours. To experience their amazing restaurant patio furniture in person, go to Restaurant Chair Factory.

Time to venture outside. The outcome will be months full of weekend brunches, date nights, business lunches, and after-work drinks for restaurants. Nearly as important as your meal is your terrace. After all, tourists adore great travel experiences just as much as delectable cuisine.



It’s typical for freshly established restaurant owners to be short on extra income. After all, starting a restaurant requires a significant investment of time and money. Purchasing or renting a physical structure, outfitting the inside and outdoor dining areas, and hiring and training staff all come with costs. There are also all the costs associated with purchasing food for a restaurant. Opening a coffee shop, a formal dining room, or a high-end restaurant is expensive. Money is also scarce throughout the first few years of a business. Therefore, you must offer reasonably priced seating and design options.

While offering clients in your indoor or outdoor dining area suitable seating is important, the standard of the foods and beverages you offer should come first. It is advantageous to find economical options as well as stylish options like outdoor seating.

Outdoor seating is becoming more commonplace all over the world. According to a recent study, searches for restaurants with outside seating increased by 292% in the second year of the outbreak. Due to their continued fear of eating indoors, consumers have turned to the benefits of dining outside. In order to meet this growing demand, restaurants have been scrambling to expand or construct their outside sitting areas. These renovations could cost a lot because they require new furniture and address aesthetic issues. RCF provides its inexpensive design recommendations for creating an outdoor dining area.



An outdoor dining set can make any area more useful, whether it is being utilized for work, play, or personal purposes. They need to be scratch- and stain-resistant as well as waterproof. Aluminium is a low-maintenance material that lends a timeless and opulent appeal to any outdoor area. The frames will be easier to clean and more scratch-resistant by using powder coated finishes.

Your best bet in Turkey for high-quality, reasonably priced dining area furniture is Restaurant Chair Factory. Additionally, a qualified furniture expert is always on-site to assist you in making important choices. Our most well-liked pieces are well-stocked in our Istanbul showrooms so you can view and touch your new furniture before making a purchase. Additionally, our esteemed customers can always mix and match items to design a setting that is entirely unique.



When you’re prepared to make a purchase for your restaurant in Turkey, stop by RCF to browse our exquisite choices of outdoor dining chairs, table sets, and more. You can buy the furniture you adore from RCF at affordable pricing. Call us right away to find out how our furniture experts can assist you in designing the dining halls of your dreams.

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