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Stoneri Aluminium Restaurant Chair Made in Turkey

  • Complete aluminium structure
  • Anti scratch rubber feet
  • Long lasting electrostatic painting all aluminium parts
  • Outdoor resistant fabric
  • High quality cushion
  • Wide selection of outfoor fabrics
  • Leg colors can be selected from any RAL code
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eco friendly


World’s one of the most sustainable resource is aluminium. Recycling 100% and no quality lose during this process. We are still using 75% of all aluminium ever produced today. This means when you buy aluminium outdoor furniture made in Turkey, the raw material has been previously used as another product, maybe an airplane wing or a bevereage can. Aluminium recycling benefits 95% less energy, thereby avoids corresponding emissions, including greenhouse gases.



Our wide range of outdoor fabric options allow you to create a unique design for your gardens and patios.

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Endless varieties of painting to any RAL color with high quality powder coated electrostatic painting.


If you’re seeking for durable yet useful outdoor furniture, check out Restaurant Chair Factory’s Turkish-made Stoneri aluminium restaurant chair. RFC picks its inventory with care so that you have a large selection of high-quality furniture options to choose from. RFC provides aluminium chairs that are all built in Turkey at affordable pricing. Customers who want to spend their time outdoors can choose from a selection of patio furniture that we offer, and because of the variety provided, you will always have everything you need to set up a cozy and lovely outdoor eating area.



This Stoneri aluminium restaurant chair with its minimalist bohemian style will instantly give your outdoor dining area a clean, professional look and feel. This chair is made of polished, corrosion-resistant aluminium and is strong enough to survive regular use while still being lightweight for simple movement throughout your facilities. It can also be easily stacked for rapid cleanup and small storage needs.

Aluminium chair has integrated arm rests for maximum comfort. Additionally, when guests are enjoying your specialty drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts, the built-in cross braces below the seat will offer excellent stability. This Stoneri aluminium outdoor chair will surely improve the theme of your patio or deck and comes with anti-scratch rubber feet to assist preserve floor surfaces in great shape!


Due to its portability, aluminium outdoor chairs are valued by businesses. They now have the option to arrange the components to suit each gathering or to constantly alter the appearance of their outdoor area. Another key aspect of aluminium restaurant furniture is how easy it is to store outside furniture when required. You’ll probably bring some or all of your outdoor chairs inside once business hours are over. Consider this when choosing your furniture because it could be tough to transfer heavier items frequently. Consider buying stackable chairs as another way to save room. Aluminium outdoor dining chairs are a great option for businesses due to the aforementioned factors, as well as their low weight and capacity to be stacked, as they can be moved easily between settings and help conserve space. You may get the appropriate chairs, tables, and related products at Restaurant Chair Factory in Turkey to meet all your outdoor furniture needs.


Metal furniture may rust over time from exposure to weather conditions like harsh sun and rain, which is one of the most frequently expressed worries when picking an outdoor dining chair. The ability of aluminium to withstand both heat and cold is one of its most significant properties. Over time, aluminium won’t rust or corrode. Because of its feature, it has been among the most widely used metals in the world. When aluminium is exposed to air, it oxidizes and mats. The produced alloys are extremely resistant as a result. Aluminium chairs are a necessity for hot, sunny, humid settings and are frequently used in gardens and on patios of cafes. When this product is fully exposed, using it is straightforward. Due to all its characteristics that increase its resistance, it is a particularly sensible choice for enterprises.



Industry professionals in the hotel sector should keep deepening their understanding of sustainability as environmental challenges are brought to light and eco-friendly solutions proliferate. Since aluminium is infinitely recyclable, recycling metal uses up to 95% less energy than producing new aluminium. In other words, unlike plastic, metal maintains its quality after recycling, and the energy required to make aluminium is only 5% lost in the recycling process.

The International Aluminium Institute estimates that global recycling efficiency will be 76% in 2020. On average, manufacturing still uses 75% of the almost 1.5 billion tons of aluminium produced so far. In a nutshell, recycling and efficient production are both good for the environment. Businesses and people should be sure to spend their money on recycled aluminium rather than new metal to get the maximum environmental benefits from using aluminium.



Finding strong, waterproof outdoor furniture that is also attractive can be challenging, but this outdoor chair from RCF meets both criteria. Turkey-made outdoor aluminium chair will last you through thick and thin because it includes the minimalist design trend for a simple set of furniture that looks the part. It is sturdy enough to be placed outside all year round, lightweight, and built to prevent corrosion. It is just enough to bring in the seat cushions.

With a range of styles from contemporary to traditional to adaptable aluminium patio chairs, RCF can meet the needs and specifications of most venues, especially when paired with any of its commercial restaurant tables, which can help you achieve a consistent aesthetic both inside and outside. You are sure to get exactly what you’re looking for, whether you want a modern trend style or a tropical ambiance with RCF’s Stoneri aluminium chair.

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