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Maldiveses Aluminium Restaurant Chair Made in Turkey

  • Complete aluminium structure
  • Anti scratch rubber feet
  • Long lasting electrostatic painting all aluminium parts
  • Outdoor resistant fabric
  • High quality cushion
  • Wide selection of outfoor fabrics
  • Leg colors can be selected from any RAL code
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Height : 80 cm Width : 56 cm
Depth : 65 cm Seat Height: 48 cm
Box Volume :  Weight : 5,5 kg
eco friendly


World’s one of the most sustainable resource is aluminium. Recycling 100% and no quality lose during this process. We are still using 75% of all aluminium ever produced today. This means when you buy aluminium outdoor furniture made in Turkey, the raw material has been previously used as another product, maybe an airplane wing or a bevereage can. Aluminium recycling benefits 95% less energy, thereby avoids corresponding emissions, including greenhouse gases.



Our wide range of outdoor fabric options allow you to create a unique design for your gardens and patios.

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Endless varieties of painting to any RAL color with high quality powder coated electrostatic painting.


You may turn your outside area into a location you’ll truly want to spend time by enhancing its appearance with lovely items. Nevertheless, choosing the best stores and furniture to enhance your garden can be difficult given the range of options accessible.

Whether your garden is green or is just a patio area, using garden furniture is the simplest method to change things up. You may make your dining hall stand out and have more flair by investing in high-quality furniture, allowing you to host guests there. The Maldiveses Aluminium Restaurant Chair focuses on providing your outdoor space a chic, cutting-edge personality rather than just being a functional item.



In recent years, outside space has become increasingly important for restaurants and other establishments that deal with paying customers. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the need to utilize outside space effectively. For work, socializing, dining, and other activities, people may gather in aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces that are outfitted. Many people favor metal when it comes to outdoor furniture for a variety of reasons.



The high-quality aluminum outdoor furniture from RCF is expertly crafted to last a lifetime. In accordance with the requirements of the customer, each piece of our furniture is handcrafted utilizing sand casting by trained artisans in the heart of Turkey. Turkey produces energy-efficient outdoor furniture by using recycled metal, which reduces the energy required to generate new aluminum by 95%. Due to the fact that all of our furniture is built to last for several generations, it is twice as sustainable.


Your outside space can be used to its full potential if you have lightweight, stackable, and movable outdoor furniture. You can maximize your arrangements for every event with the correct furniture. It is advised to set out extra tables for two on special occasions when you anticipate a lot of smaller parties. Move tables closer together for larger gatherings. Your patio can be rapidly reconfigured for a personal banquet or buffet-style gathering. Moving the outdoor chairs to wise positions is important when you’re having a party outside. Given their lightweight nature, working with aluminum chairs would be a piece of cake.


It’s also simple to alter your layout to make it more practical thanks to flexible furniture configurations, which can be met with aluminum garden chairs. You can make wider footpaths as necessary if your waitstaff requires extra space to move around the patio. One live performance per week will allow you to make room for the stage. Any permanent furnishings can always be left in place while a lounge, bar, or other attraction is installed.



As environmental issues are raised and eco-friendly solutions become more prevalent, industry experts in the hotel sector should continue to expand their awareness of sustainability. Metal recycling uses up to 95% less energy than making new aluminum since aluminum is infinitely recyclable. To put it another way, unlike plastic, metal retains its quality after recycling, and just 5% of the energy used to produce aluminum is wasted throughout the recycling process.

The International Aluminum Institute predicts that by 2020, 76% of all waste will be recycled globally. 75 percent of the over 1.5 billion tons of aluminum produced so far are still used in manufacturing on average. In a nutshell, efficient production and recycling are both beneficial to the environment. In order to reap the greatest environmental benefits from using aluminum, businesses and individuals should be sure to spend their money on recycled aluminum rather than new metal.



Finding outdoor furniture that is both aesthetically beautiful and long-lasting could be challenging, but this Maldiveses aluminum restaurant chair by RCF, produced in Turkey, meets both needs. Outdoor metal chairs made in Turkey will last you through thick and thin since they use the minimalist design approach for a simple set of furniture that looks the part. It is robust enough to be placed outside all year long and is lightweight and corrosion resistant. There is just enough room left to insert the seat cushions when needed.

The Turkish company Restaurant Chair Factory sells a variety of indoor and outdoor furniture. Its newest range of outdoor dining furniture is perfect for outdoor entertaining this year because it focuses on creating a relaxed and comfortable setting for you to establish an outdoor space for your clients to spend time with friends and family. There are gorgeous-looking sets of weather- and UV-resistant aluminum outdoor chairs. From bar stools to chair and table options, there is something for everyone and every yard.

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