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Cretesi Aluminium Restaurant Chair Made in Turkey

  • Complete aluminium structure
  • Anti scratch rubber feet
  • Long lasting electrostatic painting all aluminium parts
  • Outdoor resistant fabric
  • High quality cushion
  • Wide selection of outfoor fabrics
  • Leg colors can be selected from any RAL code
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Height : 83 cm Width : 57 cm
Depth : 65 cm Seat Height: 47 cm
Box Volume :  Weight : 6,4 kg
eco friendly


World’s one of the most sustainable resource is aluminium. Recycling 100% and no quality lose during this process. We are still using 75% of all aluminium ever produced today. This means when you buy aluminium outdoor furniture made in Turkey, the raw material has been previously used as another product, maybe an airplane wing or a bevereage can. Aluminium recycling benefits 95% less energy, thereby avoids corresponding emissions, including greenhouse gases.



Our wide range of outdoor fabric options allow you to create a unique design for your gardens and patios.

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Endless varieties of painting to any RAL color with high quality powder coated electrostatic painting.


If you want to give your yard or outdoor gathering space a dash of elegance, look no further. With an emphasis on creating furniture items that blend traditional and current trends, Restaurant Chair Factory offers a wide range of designs made in Turkey to meet all tastes and requirements.

RCF is an excellent place to browse for those long-term investments that you plan to maintain for many years. With the Cretesi aluminium chair from the Turkish restaurant chair manufacturer, you can construct an outside space that is just as stylish and comfortable as the interior of your restaurant. The Cretesi Aluminium Outdoor Chair is more than simply a practical piece; it concentrates on giving your outdoor area a stylish, minimalist personality.



To ensure that your restaurant can accommodate the most people, it takes more than just cramming in as many tables as you can. People won’t want to return to a noisy, packed dinner experience caused by a congested location, which could also put a strain on your waitstaff. A careful balancing act between two fundamental concepts is needed to make the most of your outdoor eating space. Your patio must accommodate the greatest number of guests while also improving the area’s appeal and usefulness.

Other improvements can help you make the most of your outdoor patio once you’ve determined the ideal sitting configuration. A few investments will enable you to keep your outside eating area open year-round and accommodate more customers even in chilly or wet conditions.



The secret to maximizing space is flexibility. You can meet more spacing requirements if your outdoor seating is multipurpose. You can change the layout of your dining space, for instance, to accommodate private events, big gatherings, numerous small parties at once, live music, team trivia evenings, or any other requirements your restaurant could have.

Setting up heavy furniture that discourages theft or permanently fixing tables and chairs to the ground can increase protection, but it can also limit your flexibility. It can be difficult to do something as straightforward as squeeze two tables together or add another chair.

You can make the most of your outdoor area if you have light, stackable, and portable outdoor furniture. You may maximize your arrangements for any occasion with the appropriate furniture. Put out more tables for two on Valentine’s Day and other nights when you anticipate a high volume of smaller parties or move tables together for larger parties. Your patio can easily be reconfigured for a banquet or buffet-style private gathering.

It’s also simple to alter your layout to make it more practical thanks to flexible furniture configurations. You can make wider footpaths as needed if your waitstaff requires additional space to move around the patio. You can make room for the stage if you provide live entertainment once a week. Without removing any permanent furnishings, you may even add a lounge, bar, or another attraction whenever you wish.



Restaurant Chair Factory is the finest option in Turkey for high-end, reasonably priced dining room furniture. Additionally, a trained furniture specialist is constantly on-site to help you with crucial decisions. Our Istanbul stores provide a good selection of our most popular products so you can view and touch them before making a purchase. Additionally, our valued clients are always welcome to mix and match objects to create a setting that is completely one-of-a-kind.


When you’re ready to buy something in Turkey, come on over to RCF to look through our wonderful selection of outdoor dining chairs, table sets, and other items. We offer the furnishings you enjoy at reasonable prices. Give us a call right away to learn how our furniture specialists can help you create the dining room of your dreams.



It can be difficult to find affordable garden furniture that can compete with the quality of premium goods. RCF is a fantastic place to go for those long-term investment pieces that you plan on having for many years to come because they focus on producing unique, strong aluminium chairs that allow customers to really facilitate their own style in their restaurants and businesses, and prioritize timeless, long-lasting pieces over trends that will die out within the year. RCF’s outdoor collections are manufactured in Turkey to help you construct an outdoor space that is as stylish and enjoyable to be in as the interior of your restaurant.

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