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Havanaro Aluminium Restaurant Chair Made in Turkey

  • Complete aluminium structure
  • Anti scratch rubber feet
  • Long lasting electrostatic painting all aluminium parts
  • Outdoor resistant fabric
  • High quality cushion
  • Wide selection of outfoor fabrics
  • Leg colors can be selected from any RAL code
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Height : 80 cm Width : 59,5 cm
Depth : 64 cm Seat Height: 46,5
Box Volume :  Weight : 6,2 kg
eco friendly


World’s one of the most sustainable resource is aluminium. Recycling 100% and no quality lose during this process. We are still using 75% of all aluminium ever produced today. This means when you buy aluminium outdoor furniture made in Turkey, the raw material has been previously used as another product, maybe an airplane wing or a bevereage can. Aluminium recycling benefits 95% less energy, thereby avoids corresponding emissions, including greenhouse gases.



Our wide range of outdoor fabric options allow you to create a unique design for your gardens and patios.

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Endless varieties of painting to any RAL color with high quality powder coated electrostatic painting.


You need look no further than RCF if you want to take your garden to the next level. RCF, a restaurant chair manufacturer with operations in Turkey, creates elegant and high-end furniture. It is the best spot to look for those fashion statements that will keep your visitors talking each time they visit. The Havanaro aluminium restaurant chair offers you a comfortable spot to unwind while also adding some bohemian character to your setting. RCF is the store to browse in Turkey if you’re genuinely looking to spend in your garden or you just want something special.



Function should come first when choosing the perfect furniture for your room. When used inside, furniture often has very particular, functional purposes that are based on the room it will be used in, such as a living room or bedroom. As a result, they may successfully combine comfort and elegance. On the other hand, durability is most important when it comes to patio furniture.

Even though it is used frequently, indoor furniture typically lasts longer than outside furniture because it is not exposed to harsh weather conditions. Outdoor furniture needs extra upkeep to prevent fading, stains, or corrosion despite being more durable. By being conscious of how the furniture is created and cared for, we think that those dreadful issues can be avoided.

Finding the best and most appropriate materials in Turkey will help your furniture be more stylish, durable, and reasonably priced. The simplistic design makes it easy to maintain and is perfect for any al fresco outdoor eating occasion, while the aluminium construction should offer some longevity at Restaurant Chair Factory. And to make sure you’re constantly maximizing your garden area; the chairs is simple to stack up when not in use and move out of the way.



Newly established restaurant operators frequently struggle to make extra money. After all, opening a restaurant demands a considerable time and financial commitment. Costs are associated with purchasing or renting a physical structure, furnishing the inside and outdoor dining areas, and hiring and educating staff. Additionally, there are all the expenses related to buying food for a restaurant. It costs money to open a dining room, or an upscale restaurant. In the early years of a business, money is also limited. As a result, you must provide options for seating and design that are reasonably priced.

While providing customers with comfortable seating in your indoor or outdoor dining area is crucial, the caliber of the dishes and beverages you serve should come first. Finding both affordable and fashionable solutions, such as outdoor seats, is advantageous. RCF’s Havanaro covers both reasonable and the functional and esthetic aspects. This chair will see you through thick and thin while also embracing the minimalist design trend for a straightforward piece of outdoor furniture that looks the part. It is lightweight, made to avoid rusting, and strong enough that you may leave it outdoors year-round.

Around the world, outdoor seating is becoming more prevalent. A recent study found that in the second year of the outbreak, searches for eateries with outside dining surged by 292%. Consumers are now focusing on the advantages of dining outside because of their ongoing dread of eating indoors. Restaurants have been rushing to create or extend their outdoor seating areas to satisfy this rising demand. These improvements could be expensive because they involve purchasing new furnishings and fixing aesthetic problems. RCF offers its low-cost design suggestions for establishing an outdoor dining area.



High-quality furniture that extends outside of your restaurant and into your yard is produced by the Turkish furniture manufacturer RCF. It is present in Turkey both physically and online. Whether you’re looking for dining sets and larger furniture pieces or simply some additional items like more garden seating or more unusual chairs, there are many possibilities created in Turkey to accommodate all sizes and styles of outdoor settings.

Aluminium is the most often used type of furniture frame material on the market. It can be more economical because it is normally less expensive than the bulk of other metals. Metal can become heated when directly exposed to the sun, but it cannot efficiently retain heat and cools down very quickly. From a range of options offered by RCF in Turkey, you can choose the ideal chair for your patio or garden.

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