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How Button Back Seating Can Enhance the Ambiance of Your Hotel Restaurant

Button Back Seating

What is button back seating? Button back seating refers to a style of upholstery commonly found on upholstered chairs, sofas, booths, banquettes and armchairs. It is different from tailored and tufted seatings. This style is characterized by the presence of buttons or tufts that are stitched into the fabric or leather on the back of […]

What furniture should be in restaurant?

What furniture should be in restaurant

Restaurants require furniture that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Some of the most common types of furniture used in restaurants include chairs, tables, bar stools, booths, and banquettes. Chairs and tables are the most basic and essential furniture in any restaurant. Chairs should be comfortable and sturdy, while tables should be durable […]

What Does a Restaurant Expect from Its Furniture Supplier?

What Does a Restaurant Expect from Its Furniture Supplier

The furniture in a restaurant plays a vital role in the overall dining experience of its customers. The right furniture enhances the ambiance, comfort, and most importantly, functionality. But where do restaurants get their furniture, and what do they look for in a furniture supplier? In this blog post, we will explore the expectations restaurants […]

5 tips for choosing restaurant furniture

tips for choosing restaurant furniture

Choosing the right dining accessories for your home is challenging enough, but choosing Turkish restaurant furniture that will define the ambiance and status of your restaurant is even more challenging. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the restaurant industry, you probably recognize the necessity of creating the ideal atmosphere to complement your […]

The Difference Between Booths and Banquettes at Restaurant

The Difference Between Booths and Banquettes at Restaurant

Banquettes and booths are both excellent ways to make customers feel welcome in your restaurant. Both of these seating arrangements contribute to creating the right setting and tone for your unique restaurant. However, there are significant distinctions that give each one of them a unique quality. This page describes booths and banquettes, their differences, and […]

How to choose furniture for your restaurant

How to choose furniture for your restaurant

In addition to enhancing your interiors, choosing the proper furniture and accessories for your restaurant is important. It has a significant impact on your branding. It affects your setting, the vibe within, and your guests’ overall dining experience. You should think about several factors when picking restaurant furniture, like the sort of restaurant and the […]

Low-budget small restaurant design

Low-budget small restaurant design

As a small restaurant owner, you may be considering redesigning your establishment by renovating the interior d├ęcor and giving it a fresh appearance. If it doesn’t work out, it is challenging to rationalize investing a great deal of money in it. In this article, we explain how to construct a small restaurant design even if […]

Restaurant Furnishing Tips to Maximize Bookings

Restaurant Furnishing Tips to Maximize Bookings

It can occasionally be challenging for restaurateurs to maximize bookings and draw in more customers. Excellent restaurant service or affordable meal pricing don’t always suffice it. Other factors including the seasons, weather, location, consumer demand, rival restaurants’ prices, etc. can also affect how many guests your restaurant serves. Maintaining these factors while also considering your […]

Restaurant Tables and Chairs Buyers Guide

restaurant furniture buyers guide

An integral part of creating an exotic outlook of a restaurant is purchasing the right kind of furniture. The furniture helps to make the intending look of the decorator and helps to set the mood for the occasion. Choosing good quality furniture helps improve the aesthetics of the design and improve the guest’s comfort. Consequently, […]

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