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Solarisse Aluminium Barstool Made in Turkey

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Height : 101 cmWidth : 56 cm
Depth : 63 cmSeat Height: 65 cm
Box Volume : Weight : 6,2 kg


You may maximize the use of whatever outside bar or party space you are fortunate enough to have for your guests with the aid of a beautiful pair of weather-resistant Solarisse aluminium barstool made in Turkey. If you want to enhance the aesthetic of your current bar, pub, or restaurant, RCF has a great selection of seating and dining options. Visit one of our locations in Turkey to receive the best contemporary design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or utility.



When choosing the ideal outdoor bar stool, you should take into account a number of factors, including your chosen leg/thigh clearance, seat height, style, and material. Calculating the bar stool’s height appropriately for your area is essential. By doing this correctly from the beginning, you may save disappointment and the inconvenience of having to return or exchange your new bar stools.

Turkish-made bar stools come in a range of designs and are composed of lightweight metal. All RCF industrial outdoor bar stools made in Turkey have resistance to stains, fading, fracture, and chips.

Bar stools either indoors or outside have seats that are raised between 29″ and 32″. The visitor is now at a comfortable height with a 40-to-42-inch normal bar top height. Make careful to consider the arm height in relation to your bar top when choosing bar stools. In order to prevent customers from slouching down to obtain their food or drink, the arms must be able to tuck beneath the bar.



It is a reality that whether or not you choose a bar stool with a backrest will depend on how you plan to use it. Although it is frequently believed that bar stools with high backs are more comfortable, the ergonomics and material of the seat can also affect comfort and maintenance needs. Without a backrest, a bar stool can fit under your surface more easily, freeing up room and reducing clutter. When selecting a bar chair with a backrest, you should give the height of the seat in relation to the surface more thought than the height of the backrest.

Of course, cushioning would make the seat the most comfortable, but as it wouldn’t be robust enough for outside use, the cushions would probably need to be removed when not in use. The seating and backrests of many of the high-quality aluminium bar stools are curved, and they have ergonomic designs that make them surprisingly comfortable.



Think about the bar stool’s construction, color, and design, which includes the armrests, footrests, and backrests. Whatever design you choose, keep in mind that comfort and utility should be considered while selecting outdoor stools.

Given that three-dimensional molds are used to make aluminium, the range of designs for aluminium furniture that are currently accessible is pretty astounding. Numerous pieces of aluminium outdoor furniture have the same timeless look as wrought iron furniture but are lighter, cheaper, and less expensive. Aluminium furniture can have a vintage or a retro appearance and is durable outside.

In terms of construction, durable, fashionable aluminium outdoor furniture stands out above all else in your contemporary outdoor entertaining space. Outdoor aluminium is very adaptable because it is both lightweight and strong enough to resist even the worst weather. Unlike most of the traditional patio furniture, which is intended for covered areas and should be brought indoors when not in use, aluminium bar stools made in Turkey by RCF require no upkeep and are intended to be outdoors all year.

Bar chairs made of aluminium are incredibly easy to clean and frequently only require a hose spray down, in contrast to outdoor wooden stools, which require routine care. These bar stools can easily survive any weather conditions and are unaffected by spilled food or beverages. Aluminium bar chairs win the award for being the least difficult outdoor bar stools to maintain as a result.



The collection from Restaurant Chair Factory, which features a wide range of colors, has a bar stool for every outdoor bar. By selecting Solarisse Aluminium Barstool from the RCF bar stool collection, you can make your outdoor eating area look elegantly modern. With its consumers in mind, RCF manufactures high-quality outdoor & garden furniture in Turkey, with items designed for outdoor settings of all shapes and sizes. RCF guarantees that every piece of outdoor furniture is reasonably priced without sacrificing quality.

It could seem difficult to select the ideal outdoor bar stools for your outdoor space, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the correct knowledge and suggestions. When choosing outdoor bar chairs, the seat height, use, materials, and durability are the most crucial considerations.  Restaurant Chair Factory sells all the supplies you need for outdoor dining area.


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