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Shotar Wooden Barstool Made in Turkey

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Height : 77 cmWidth : 46 cm
Depth : 46 cmSeat Height: 77 cm
Box Volume : Weight : 8,1 kg


contract fabric and leather

Our wide range of Turkish made contract fabric and contract leather options allow you to create a unique design for your restaurant. 

  • Water Repellent
  • High Elongation
  • Tear Strength
  • Abrasion Resistant
type of woods

First quality kiln dried solid woods from Turkey with an extensive range of stains. Solid wood types that we are using:

  • Beech
  • Walnut 
  • Ash

All type of metal legs and accesories with coating and electrostatic painting in below finishes:

  • Antique
  • Textured
  • Glossy
  • Mat
  • Semi Mat


Wood joints are one of the most important point which will increase the life time of your chairs manufactured in Turkey.

CNC-Made Joinery connections with top notch adhesive improves the robustness of furnitures to perfections.

  • CNC Finger Joint
  • Finger Jointed corner blocks
  • Dowel Joint
  • Dovetail Joint
  • Mortise Tenon Joint


These wooden Shotar barstool with padded seats is excellent, plush, and luxurious additions to your interior decor if you desire an upscale look for your dining or bar space. Popular in fine dining restaurants and hotels where comfort and quality complement the cuisine and service, these industrial barstools crafted from solid beech wood are a popular fixture in these establishments.

This barstool’s cushioned seat allows for hours of comfortable sitting. You can build your own unique style by choosing from a variety of materials, colors, and wood finishes. Since there is no visible backrest above the tabletop’s height, nothing interrupts the surface’s stark straight lines. To conserve floor space, the backless Shotar barstool may be pushed beneath the counter or table. This is ideal for those with little room.

Choosing the best option for new bar chairs is essential. Honestly, choosing between a wooden or metal barstool is a matter of personal preference that should be influenced by style, design, theme, and décor. However, there are a few benefits to utilizing wooden barstools in industrial environments. Let’s investigate this further:



Commercial barstools must be made of durable, high-quality materials. Given that barstools are made from a range of materials, including wood, metal, and aluminum, you should choose one that complements your existing décor and seating requirements.

Wood is a popular material for barstools, and it comes in a variety of hues and finishes to complement your business’s aesthetic. When picking materials for the seat of your barstool, practicality and comfort should be taken into account. The majority of barstool purchasers appreciate the comfort that a padded hardwood seat offers. Not only can barstools with padded seats add aesthetic value, but they also allow you to decorate areas with color, texture, and pattern. You can construct your own design by selecting from the large variety of customizable upholstery offered by RCF. In contrast, barstools without cushions or upholstery are simple to clean, which is essential for high-traffic areas.



Wood barstools appear to be the most popular choice for restaurant bar chairs, as they are a classic piece of furniture. People appreciate these barstools for a variety of reasons, including the fact that wood can be crafted in a variety of ways. Wood barstools of commercial quality are resilient, long-lasting, and aesthetically beautiful. When properly colored and polished, they add warmth to your interior and comfort to your clients, making them ideal for luxury enterprises.

When purchasing a barstool for a bar, restaurant, or club, Restaurant Chair Factory provides several options to consider. Wood’s innate warmth and gloss will enliven any venue’s interior design. You can also create a one-of-a-kind design for your restaurant using RCF’s large selection of contract fabric and contract leather options created in Turkey.



Wooden barstools offer an inviting environment. A high-quality bar seat made of authentic beech wood is both inviting and alluring without effort. When a customer sits on a high-quality wooden barstool, such as the Shotar Barstool, they are more likely to feel a sense of contentment, which can only help them relax and anticipate a lovely evening.



You may be surprised by the comfort of wooden barstools. If your restaurant is busy, it can be advantageous to ensure that everyone is comfortable. When your customers are seated properly on a padded barstool, it can create a lot more comfortable social environment. This design may also make it more suitable for informal social gatherings.

Because the seats are slightly higher than average chairs, wooden footrests are typically included. This can make sitting down easier and provide a place to rest your feet.

When selecting a barstool for your interior design, you should assure its durability by selecting one made of wood. Due to their construction, wooden barstools at Restaurant Chair Factory can provide a high level of comfort and last for an extended period of time. Barstools, particularly wood and metal barstools, are sturdy and constructed to last.



Barstools are more than just seating; they can create a fashion statement. In a restaurant, the ideal barstool provides a place to sit, unwind, and enjoy oneself. Placing a contemporary barstool, such as the backless wooden Shotar barstool, in your business areas will reflect the uniqueness and style of your establishment. RCF offers a variety of kinds of barstools manufactured of solid wood in Turkey, so you may find one that fits your budget and tastes.

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