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Rogate Aluminium Barstool Made in Turkey

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Height : 86 cmWidth : 43 cm
Depth : 49 cmSeat Height: 65 cm
Box Volume : Weight : 5,1 kg


If you’re prepared to enhance the aesthetic of your current bar, pub, or restaurant, RCF provides an amazing choice of seating and dining options. To find the ideal modern style that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or utility, visit one of our locations in Turkey. If you’re lucky to have an outside bar or entertaining are for your guests, make the most of it with a stunning pair of Turkish-made, weather-resistant outdoor Rogate aluminium barstool.



When choosing the ideal outdoor bar stool, keep in mind your chosen leg/thigh clearance, seat height, design, and material. It’s critical to choose the appropriate bar stool height for your area. If you do this correctly from the beginning, you might avoid disappointment and the hassle of having to return or exchange your new bar stools.

Turkish-made bar stools come in a variety of styles and are composed of lightweight aluminium. All RCF industrial outdoor bar stools made in Turkey are immune to cracking, fading, chipping, and staining.

Whether used inside or outside, bar stools have seats that are raised between 29″ and 32″. The visitor has now reached a comfortable height with a standard bar top height of 40 to 42 inches. Be careful to consider the arm height in relation to your bar top when choosing bar stools. To stop customers from slouching to obtain their food or drink, the arms must be allowed to tuck below the bar.



Although it’s a popular assumption that bar stools with high backs are more comfortable, the ergonomics and seat material can also affect comfort levels and maintenance needs. Without a backrest, a bar stool can fit under your surface more easily, freeing up more room and clearing out more clutter. It is true that your choice of a bar stool with a backrest will be determined by how you intend to use it. When selecting a bar chair with a backrest, the height of the seat in relation to the surface should be given more weight than the height of the backrest.



Whatever design to choose, restaurant owners should keep in mind that comfort and use should be considered while selecting outdoor bar stools made in Turkey. It is better to think about the bar stool’s material, color, and design as well as the armrests, footrests, and backrests.

Many pieces of outdoor furniture that are equal to wrought iron are heavier, more expensive, and have a more traditional appearance than aluminium furniture. Aluminium furniture is durable and may appear dated or retro in outdoor use. Given that metal is produced utilizing three-dimensional molds, the variety of designs for aluminium furniture that are currently accessible is quite astounding.

Only sturdy, fashionable aluminium outdoor furniture can rival in terms of structure in your contemporary outdoor leisure area. Outdoor aluminium is exceptionally flexible and lightweight, strong enough to endure even the worst weather. Unlike most normal patio furniture, which is meant for covered areas and should be brought indoors when not in use, aluminium bar stools made in Turkey by RCF require little care and are intended to be outdoors all year.

Aluminium bar chairs are incredibly easy to clean and frequently only require a hose spray down, in contrast to outdoor hardwood stools, which require routine upkeep. These bar stools can easily survive any weather conditions and are unaffected by spilled food or beverages. Aluminium bar stools win the award for being the most straightforward outdoor bar stools to maintain as a result.



Aluminium metal frames with powder coating are available from Restaurant Chair Factory and are produced in Turkey. It is recommended that you clean with a soft cloth and wash it in warm water with a moderate soap solution. Abrasive cleansers and scratchy brushes should be avoided as they may ruin the finish. After cleaning, always thoroughly rinse and dry the area.

When not in use or when left outside in inclement weather, we recommend covering your outdoor furniture with outdoor covers. Before covering the cushions, make sure they are completely dry. Cushions should be separated. Particularly in freezing climates, outdoor furniture should be kept dry and covered over the winter or stored in a shed or garage. Despite the drain holes in the frames, water can still gather there and freeze, which can cause the finish to fracture and the frame to burst.

Because salt is particularly harsh on all metals and can cause the finish to corrode, discolor, and/or blister, it must be removed from frames in coastal areas on a regular basis. Finally, after-market treatments are available to refresh the UV repellency and water repellency of your powder-coated surface and keep or restore its gloss. As needed, apply.



Choosing the greatest outdoor bar stools for your outdoor environment could seem tough, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the correct knowledge and advice. When choosing outdoor bar chairs, the most significant considerations are seat height, practicality, and material and durability.

Every outdoor bar in Turkey may have a bar stool from the Restaurant Chair Factory series, which is available in a range of colors. Using RCF’s collection will give your outdoor dining area a modern elegance. RCF manufactures high-quality outdoor and garden furniture in Turkey with our clients in mind, such as the Rogate Aluminium Barstool, featuring pieces designed for a variety of outdoor settings. RCF promises that every outdoor furniture is economically priced without compromising quality. The Restaurant Chair Factory can give you whatever you need.

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