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Canadare Aluminium Barstool Made in Turkey

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Height : 120 cmWidth : 57 cm
Depth : 67 cmSeat Height: 78 cm
Box Volume : Weight : 7,6 kg



If you are looking to update the decor of your bar, pub, or restaurant, RCF offers a vast selection of possibilities. In Turkey, you may find the most practical and amenity-rich examples of cutting-edge architecture.

Invest in a pair of exquisite Canadare aluminium barstool produced in Turkey to make the most of your outside bar or party area during adverse weather.



The correct seat height of the bar stools is one of the most crucial aspects to consider and get right. If the chair is at an appropriate height, both you and your guests will feel at ease. If the bench is too high, your thighs may have to squeeze under it, and if it is too low, you may need to stretch to sit down.

Standard seat heights for indoor and outdoor bar chairs range between 29″ and 32″ With a typical bar height between 40 and 42 inches, the guest is at a comfortable working height. Consider the height of the bar’s top as well as the height of the arms when selecting bar stools. The arms must be able to tuck beneath the bar so that customers do not have to stoop to receive their food or beverage.

Turkey’s bar stools often have lightweight aluminium construction and a broad selection of distinct styles. Produced in Turkey, each and every one of RCF’s commercial outdoor bar stools features stain, fade, fracture, and chip resistance.



Even though it is widely considered that bar stools with higher backs are more comfortable, the ergonomics and seat material can impact how often you must clean and maintain them. If your bar stool has no back, it will be easier to store under the counter. In fact, the model of your bar stool with backrest will be determined by its intended function. Prioritize the seat height in relation to the tabletop when shopping for a bar stool with a back.



You should also consider the bar stool’s back, armrests, and footrests, in addition to its color and style. Regardless of the design, comfort and functionality are two elements to consider while searching for outdoor stools.

Aluminium is made from three-dimensional molds, so there is an astonishing variety of aluminium furniture styles to pick from. Numerous types of wrought iron patio furniture are heavier, costlier, and more aesthetically pleasing than their aluminium counterparts. The same resilience and lifespan can be obtained from vintage or retro-looking aluminium patio furniture.

Aluminium patio sets are the ideal choice for a modern outdoor living space. Aluminium is the perfect material for outdoor use if you require a material that can withstand the weather without becoming heavy or inflexible. While most typical patio furniture is designed for covered areas and should be carried indoors when not in use, RCF’s aluminium bar stools made in Turkey are designed to be used outside year-round with no maintenance.



In contrast to outdoor wooden stools, which require regular maintenance, cleaning aluminium bar stools is typically as easy as spraying them with a hose. These barstools are impervious to precipitation, snow, and sunlight. Therefore, aluminium bar chairs are the easiest to maintain among outdoor bar stools.



The powder coating on the aluminium alloy frames imported from Turkey by Restaurant Chair Factory is a great touch. It is recommended to clean with a soft cloth and a little soap solution in warm water. On the surface, avoid using bristle- and abrasive-based cleaning products and brushes. After cleaning, always give the area a thorough rinsing and a thorough drying.

When not in use or when leaving pieces outside during inclement weather, outdoor furniture should be shielded from the elements with outdoor coverings. Before covering the cushions, you must ensure that they are entirely dry. There may also be a need to separate the cushions. It is crucial, especially in colder areas, to keep outdoor furniture dry and stowed for the winter. Even though there are drain holes, water can still collect and freeze in the frames, cracking the finish and finally shattering them.

Because salt is so detrimental to all metals and can cause the finish to corrode, discolor, and/or blister, salt must be removed from coastal frames on a routine basis. Last but not least, there are aftermarket treatments available to maintain or restore the UV resistance, water resistance, and shine of powder-coated surfaces. Use as required.



If you have access to trustworthy information and direction, choosing the best outdoor bar chairs for your location will be simple. Seat height, functionality, and material and durability are the most important considerations while selecting outdoor bar stools.

Each outdoor bar in Turkey must be outfitted with vibrant bar stools from the Restaurant Chair Factory line. Using RCF’s range will give your outdoor dining place a more contemporary look and feel. The Canadare Aluminium Barstool is one example of the high-quality garden and outdoor seating RCF creates in Turkey for our discriminating customers. RCF guarantees that all their outdoor furniture is economically priced without sacrificing quality. The Restaurant Chair Factory can handle any request, regardless of its size or scope.

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