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T5743 Aluminium Table Made in Turkey

  • Complete aluminium structure
  • Anti scratch rubber feet
  • Long lasting electrostatic painting for all aluminium parts
  • Table top HPL compact laminate or chestnut wood
  • Leg colors can be selected from RAL swatch
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Height : 75 cm 
edge finish

Edge finish

With many varieties of HPL self-edge detailing, RCF offers you to use metal sheet frame or rounded solid wood claddings for you HPL compact table tops produced in turkey. RCF offers your wide range of metal frame options such with different finishes such as; gold, brass, antique brass, chrome, rose gold or any color from RAL swatch by powder coating.

outdoor edge 1
outdoor edge 2
outdoor edge 3
hpl decor

HPL Decors

HPL compact laminate tops manufactured in Turkey, comes with endless design options. RCF offers most popular 8 colors, from marble looks to wood stains. Full swatch is available on project orders.

Metal Finish

All type of metal legs and accesories by coating and electrostatic painting with antique, textured, glossy or mat finishes.


 Aluminium, one of the most popular materials used in outdoor settings, is a wonderful choice for modern furniture design for a variety of reasons. Compared to steel and wood, aluminium is significantly more lightweight, portable, and simple to move and rearrange. It is reasonably easy to form into intricate shapes. Despite being lighter, aluminium tables are just as sturdy and suitable for outdoor use as steel or wood tables. Due to their durability and long lifespan, Restaurant Chair Factory’s T5743 aluminium table doesn’t require any further upkeep. Metal outdoor furniture does not dent readily and is stain and scratch resistant.

For both indoor and outdoor settings, choosing furniture takes effort because it must not only go in with your present aesthetic but also take your budget into account. The best outdoor tables are made of aluminium since they can endure any weather. RCF creates outdoor aluminium tables in Turkey from corrosion- and rust-resistant aluminium. Any of our metal outdoor furniture items, including lounge areas, looks great with these stylish tables. Any of our metal outdoor furniture items, including lounge areas, looks great with these stylish tables.



Restaurant business owners seek to aluminium for cleaner, more ecologically friendly solutions across all industries. Aluminium is a relatively recyclable material that can be recycled numerous times without losing much of its original value, despite its strength. A little more than 75% of the aluminium made thus far is still in use.

Given that it weighs up to 65% less than steel and has an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio, aluminium is particularly well suited as a structural material. Additionally, the aluminium industry puts a lot of effort into lowering its carbon footprint. The worldwide aluminium business has reduced its carbon footprint by more than half during the last 30 years. It’s important to put durability and quality first when looking for outdoor furniture. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep buying new dining tables since your current ones keep crumbling or toppling over in the wind.

T5743 Aluminium table tops also provide a strong, lightweight surface for your outdoor space. Aluminium has a natural resistance to rust, corrosion, and oxidation, making it a superb material for outdoor use. Commercial-grade aluminium tabletops come in round, square, and rectangle designs. With the durable and scratch-resistant silver and black powder coat finishes, your deck or patio will look contemporary or industrial.



The furniture you select has the biggest impact on how well you use space in your outdoor dining area. It also has a considerable impact on the aesthetic attractiveness of the design and the general mood. Comfortable seating is crucial to retaining customers and encouraging guests to eat outside.

Round tables often have less room than square or rectangular tables. They can seat more people and accommodate additional plates and serving pieces. Despite the fact that a round table takes up less space, it won’t always have as many chairs, and if a group orders a lot, the spread could be more congested. To find a balance between comfort and seating capacity, you should pick a table form based on your outdoor seating arrangement. For instance, the Turkish-made aluminium table combines style, use, and the capacity to accommodate larger gatherings.

To make the most of your patio space, whatever the design of your tables, match them with comfortable chairs. By adding cushions and choosing chairs with plush backs or armrests, you may make your dining area appear more inviting to potential customers and encourage your present customers to come back.



If you want to improve the appearance of the current outdoor areas at your bar, pub, or restaurant, RCF has a wonderful selection of seating and dining alternatives. Visit one of our locations in Turkey to receive the best contemporary design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or utility.

You may find dining tables and other furnishings at numerous places throughout Turkey. The Turkish Restaurant Chair Factory is the best place to start your furniture shopping. We are happy to help you choose the appropriate outdoor furniture in Turkey from our variety of dining table styles and materials. Visit RCF to browse our incredible assortment of outdoor dining chairs, table sets, and other products when you’re prepared to buy in Turkey. We provide your favorite furniture at affordable pricing. Call us right away to find out how our furniture experts can assist you in designing the dining room of your dreams.

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