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Brissa Aluminium Table Made in Turkey

  • Complete aluminium structure
  • Anti scratch rubber feet
  • Long lasting electrostatic painting for all aluminium parts
  • Table top HPL compact laminate or chestnut wood
  • Leg colors can be selected from RAL swatch
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Height : 75 cmBox Volume : 
edge finish

Edge finish

With many varieties of HPL self-edge detailing, RCF offers you to use metal sheet frame or rounded solid wood claddings for you HPL compact table tops produced in turkey. RCF offers your wide range of metal frame options such with different finishes such as; gold, brass, antique brass, chrome, rose gold or any color from RAL swatch by powder coating.

outdoor edge 1
outdoor edge 2
outdoor edge 3
hpl decor

HPL Decors

HPL compact laminate tops manufactured in Turkey, comes with endless design options. RCF offers most popular 8 colors, from marble looks to wood stains. Full swatch is available on project orders.

Metal Finish

All type of metal legs and accesories by coating and electrostatic painting with antique, textured, glossy or mat finishes.


Innovators seek to aluminium for cleaner, more ecologically friendly solutions across all industries. Aluminium is a relatively recyclable material that can be recycled numerous times without losing much of its original value, despite its strength. Roughly 75% of the aluminium that has been produced so far is still in use.

Given that it weighs up to 65% less than steel, aluminium’s outstanding strength-to-weight ratio makes it particularly suitable as a structural material. Additionally, the aluminium business makes a lot of effort to lessen its carbon footprint. In fact, the global aluminium industry has reduced its carbon footprint by more than half over the previous 30 years. While looking for outdoor furniture, it’s important to focus on durability and quality. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep buying new dining tables since yours keeps breaking or blowing over in the wind.



By using stylish, cost-effective outdoor restaurant furniture, you can transform your deck or patio into a tranquil haven. RCF’s Brissa aluminium table is built to endure weather. RCF’s bar stools, tables and chairs are made of powder-coated aluminium and are resistant to UV rays and torrential rain.

Tables and chairs can be used to create a second dining space. To create a unique style, you can choose matching table and base sets or mix and match tabletops and bases. The bases of the tables are solid and durable enough to remain in place even during strong winds.

A second outdoor bar should be set up with sturdy bar stools. Alternately, set up a seating area with rockers and Adirondack chairs. Even deck chairs and chaise lounges are available for use around the pool.



Restaurants usually offer tables that comfortably seat two to six people so that groups of all different sizes can find a seat, although space restrictions may prevent this from happening.

There are three table options produced in Turkey available at Restaurant Chair Factory. These are Turkish-made round, square and rectangular restaurant tables. Although renowned and adored for creating a calm atmosphere, round tables are less versatile than square-edged tables because they can’t be mixed and matched as readily while square tables take up little room and can accommodate two to four people. On the other hand, the greatest number of people can be accommodated at rectangular tables, but the guests are separated the most in this option.



Regular maintenance is required to keep tables made of wood, iron, or natural fibers effective. They require effort and money, and depending on the local climate, products like oils or fixators may be effective.

Brissa Aluminium table, on the other hand, is ideal for coastal or the regions that are exposed to severe weather conditions since they require less maintenance even if they are in an attic that faces the ocean or receives a lot of sunlight. To keep everything appearing brand new, routine cleaning with a stream of water and neutral soap is typically sufficient.



The design of your outdoor dining table gives your dining area a distinctive touch and provides comfort for the friends and family seated around it. It’s crucial to make sure your dining room furniture complements both your dining room table and the room it’s in. Dining sets exist in a wide range of various design styles, so picking the perfect one is essential for a well-organized area. Become your own designer by taking the time to explore various furniture types, forms, materials, and designs at RCF in Turkey before deciding which option is best for your company. There are mainly three shapes of tables that many restaurant owners prefer.

Tables with a rectangular shape are traditional and versatile. Compared to round or oval-shaped dining room tables, they are more space-efficient and practical. A little rectangular table might be ideal if your space is limited. The enormous dining rooms that must host large, extended families throughout the holidays can also benefit from this shape. The square corners and straight lines make it easy for visitors to wander around.

Like round tables, square tables are typically preferable for smaller, more private dinners. A square dining table can be positioned against a wall or even in a corner and still leave enough room for two people to sit down and enjoy their meal. Square tables can often seat four to eight people when placed in the center of the dining area.

Oval tables have a similar function to rectangular tables but with more streamlined design. Oval tables offer plenty of space to eat while posing a lesser risk of harm, making them ideal for bigger families with energetic kids. Additionally, these elliptical designs tend to look more traditional. As a result, they are perfect for formal dining rooms that call for a more classic look.



Outdoor commercial furniture for cafés and restaurants needs to be stylish, comfortable, and durable. You can select from some of the best outdoor restaurant furniture from leading manufacturers in Turkey at Restaurant Chair Factory.

Whether you select a small bistro table for the balcony or a huge round dining table for the poolside patio, RCF’s outdoor dining tables diversify the ways you may enjoy your space by combining great materials with professional design. You can look through the collection of table bases, tabletops, seats, and barstools for outdoor café and restaurant furniture made of aluminium at RCF.

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