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Symbolus Wooden Restaurant Chair with Armrest Made in Turkey

  • High quality kiln dried solid beech wood
  • Top notch adhesive for robustness
  • Finger joint, mortise and tenon or dovetail wood joints for strong structure
  • Wide range customisable upholstery
  • Solid wood windsor backrest
  • Cushion seat with solid wood frame
  • Water based, lead free varnish
  • Armrest with cushion
  • Anti-scratch rubber feet
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Height : 75 cmWidth : 70,5 cm
Depth : 74,5 cmSeat Height: 43 cm
Box Volume : 0,38 m3Weight : 9,4 kg


contract fabric and leather

Our wide range of Turkish made contract fabric and contract leather options allow you to create a unique design for your restaurant. 

  • Water Repellent
  • High Elongation
  • Tear Strength
  • Abrasion Resistant
type of woods

First quality kiln dried solid woods from Turkey with an extensive range of stains. Solid wood types that we are using:

  • Beech
  • Walnut 
  • Ash

All type of metal legs and accesories with coating and electrostatic painting in below finishes:

  • Antique
  • Textured
  • Glossy
  • Mat
  • Semi Mat


Wood joints are one of the most important point which will increase the life time of your chairs manufactured in Turkey.

CNC-Made Joinery connections with top notch adhesive improves the robustness of furnitures to perfections.

  • CNC Finger Joint
  • Finger Jointed corner blocks
  • Dowel Joint
  • Dovetail Joint
  • Mortise Tenon Joint


 There is a broad array of furniture material options available to choose from if you are in the market for new chairs for your dining areas in your business. Hardwood chairs, on the other hand, are unrivaled when it comes to their ability to reduce costs over time. If you want to give your dining area an appearance that is both traditional and sophisticated, the Symbolus wooden restaurant chair from RCF is the best option for you to consider. The wooden chairs offered by RCF come in a number of different hues, making them suitable for any design scheme, and they are expertly made to continue looking fantastic for many years to come. Continue reading to gain an understanding of few of the numerous advantages that come with the purchase of furniture made of solid wood in Turkey.



A piece of furniture that is both well-made and well-maintained will continue to hold its value for as long as you continue to own it. A significant advantage of wood is that it requires nothing in the way of upkeep. Simple upkeep activities such as polishing, and waxing are only occasionally necessary but are always greatly appreciated.

Wood is a material that can withstand the passage of time. In addition to this, it is the perfect option for anyone who requires furnishings that will last for a long time. Dependability and steadiness are conveyed by the presence of wooden furniture, particularly robust workstations, and chairs. Restaurant Chair Factory is located in Turkey and manufactures wooden restaurant chairs that are designed to withstand hard use as well as frequent cleaning.



Wood is better to other building materials because it is both durable and visually beautiful. Wood has a longer lifespan than other building materials. By incorporating wood into the design of a restaurant, even just a portion of it can take on a completely different feel. This is because it is a component of naturalistic interior décor, which is a style that is becoming increasingly popular. This results in an atmosphere that is warm, “organic,” and reminiscent of a natural setting. If you are going for a contemporary or modern design, they can be the perfect accessory for your restaurant or company to have as an addition.

The classic design of wooden furniture ensures that it will continue to be functional for many years to come, which accounts in large part for its widespread popularity. Any space may be quickly rendered more refined and elegant by the addition of a stunning piece crafted from timber. As a result of the fact that it is timeless in both form and function, people have been making furniture out of wood for virtually the length of human history.



We can more easily reduce, reuse, and recycle when we work with wood. In contrast to other construction materials, the harvesting and processing of wood does not result in the depletion of the earth’s natural resources (like steel, for example). It is possible to cultivate and repeatedly harvest this resource because it is a resource in its own right. A fantastic approach to contribute to the preservation of the earth for future generations is to outfit your place of business, or eatery with items that are favorable to the environment. The adoption of sustainable approaches used to take precedence over more fashionable ones; however, this is no longer the case. These days, you can shop for contemporary wooden chairs made of high-quality wood that are also elegant, earth-friendly, and long-lasting in the market.

The eco-friendly and long-lasting properties of RCF’s wooden chairs are the result of four interconnected aspects: the nature and origin of the materials used, the method by which those resources are transported, the manufacturing process, and the durability of the finished product.



Pieces made of hardwood, such as chairs, bookcases, mirrors, tables, and counters, provide the impression of opulence and coziness wherever they are placed. Because of its durability and strength, wood is a good material for use in the construction of buildings. RCF can accommodate your needs regardless of whether you require assistance with a unique project or are searching for some conventional items.

The trendy furniture selection at RCF includes heirloom-quality gems that, with proper maintenance, have the potential to endure a lifetime and beyond in addition to more affordable renovations for shabby dining rooms. Your dining room’s collection of furniture wouldn’t be complete without at least one of the chic and comfortable RCF chairs that are crafted out of wood and manufactured in Turkey.



If you are planning to purchase genuine Turkish hardwood chairs, it shows that you are looking for something more than just a comfy spot to sit down. RCF provides seats made of wood that are fashionable, one-of-a-kind, long-lasting, and, most importantly, comfortable. At RCF, we are dedicated to carrying on the Turkish tradition of manufacturing high-quality hardwood furniture. This tradition dates back centuries.

The choices you make in this moment will determine the trajectory of the rest of your life. Because of this, the usage of a traditional chair made of wood is often the ideal choice in certain circumstances. The Symbolus wooden restaurant chair is made of wood and manages to successfully integrate the traditional and contemporary styles of furniture. A chair crafted out of beech in Turkey called the Symbolus demonstrates that originality and taste are not mutually exclusive concepts. Because it has upholstery not only on the seat but also on the backrest, this traditional wooden chair has been upgraded to the “special” category. It is cozy, and it would be an excellent addition to the waiting area, restaurant, or office dining room.

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