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Restaurant Waiter Station & Servants 14 Made in Turkey

  • 18mm MDF structure
  • Soft close hinges
  • Telescopic rails
  • Long lasting lacqueered painting
  • Top notch adhesive for robustness
  • Water based, lead free varnish
  • Scratch free rubber feet
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Height : 157 cmWidth : 110 cm
Depth : 47 cm 
type of woods


First quality kiln dried Beech, Walnut and Ash woods from Turkey with an extensive range of stains

All type of metal legs and accesories by coating and electrostatic painting with antique, textured, glossy or mat finishes.

High quality hardware selections produced in Turkey. Heavy duty soft close hinges and rails are used.

Designer selection handles are made also made in Turkey.


Waiter stations by Restaurant Chair Factory are designed to be practical additions that make it easier to remove trash, dishes, glasses, and cutlery from the establishment. When all the visible rubbish at this station is cleared away, the likelihood of porcelain or glass shards flying during passage is significantly reduced.

Because it is long-lasting and adaptable for usage in a wide variety of dining settings, this waitress station made of MDF is an excellent choice for keeping all your servers’ cutlery and beverages prepared and well-organized. The framework and internal 18mm MDF shelves of the waiter station each include soft-closing hinges, and the rails can extend, and contract as needed. You will be able to provide remarkable service to your personnel by making use of our specialist catering furniture that is created in Turkey.



Waiter stations, which are rather common in hotels and restaurants, are designed to make the work of the waiting staff a little bit easier. Waiter stations and waitress stations are used in establishments such as restaurants, bars, and cafes. These stations are used to store the numerous goods that a waiter, waitress, bus boy, or food-server requires to execute their responsibilities. Napkins, trays or ashtrays, condiments, cutlery, guest checks, and occasionally a computer are some of the things that waiters and waitresses typically need.



The flexible waiter stations serve as a critical hub for event preparation and frequently provide sufficient storage space for all things required to enhance the client experience. These stations can also be used to accommodate a variety of customer needs. In conjunction with a computer, it is frequently put to use as a point-of-sale or payment terminal to simplify the process of inventory management and the payment of bills. Additional utensils, plates, and condiments are made available to guests.

During the course of their shift, a waiter or waitress will frequently go between a waiter station and a customer’s table and then return to the waiter station. Server stations at restaurants serve as the wait crew’s command center, coordinating the wait staff and ensuring that all supplies are within easy reach at all times. They are required for waiters and waitresses because they serve the purpose of concealing clutter and are required for the purpose of concealing clutter.

It’s possible that the huge and various storage options available at the waiter stations will be useful in the restaurant’s backstage area as well. Some proprietors of restaurants place waiter stations close to the entrances to the kitchen or the lavatories in order to lessen the likelihood that guests will be bothered by the presence of items such as condiments, menus, and cutlery, all of which have the potential to be unpleasant.



The vast majority of waiter stations in restaurants are also used to serve as host or hostess stations. At the hostess station, the host, hostess, and headwaiter are stationed to welcome guests, look up reservations, and enquire about available seats with any other member of the food-service personnel for those who do not have prior appointments. It is common practice to place empty chairs or seats at the host station of a restaurant so that patrons and potential customers can wait for their table in the establishment in an atmosphere that is both comfortable and convenient.

The hostess or waiter stations at the door of your restaurant should be aesthetically complementary to the design of both the interior and the exterior. This is because they are the first things that guests see when they enter your establishment.



Waiter stations can be crafted by RCF in Turkey in a wide range of hues and designs to complement the décor of any restaurant and complement the food they serve. It is common for the successful functioning of a café, restaurant, or hotel bistro to be contingent on the availability of supplies. These supplies may be utilized as a traditional supply cabinet or as a final preparation table to guarantee that the quality of the meals is maintained.

Waiter stations manufactured by RCF are offered in a wide variety of dimensions, shapes, and materials to cater to the preferences of our customers. As a result, it is reasonable to suppose that they can be moved throughout the dining area to allow quick reconfigurations, such as when the restaurant is preparing for a special event or when it wants to increase its output.



Restaurant Chair Factory is in the business of selling host and waiter stations to restaurants that are being built in Turkey. There are a variety of options available from Restaurant Chair Factory.

Right here at RCF, you have the opportunity to pick from a diverse selection of host/hostess stations as well as restaurant server stations. There is a wide selection of sizes and finishes available to choose from when purchasing restaurant hostess and waiter stations. Simply choose the host or waitress station that best fits the needs of your restaurant or other establishment that provides food service.


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