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Marcaoso Armchair Made in Turkey

  • High quality kiln dried solid beech wood structure
  • Mortise and tenon or dovetail wood joints for strong structure
  • Wide range customisable upholstery
  • Plywood shell with high density foam cushion
  • Cushion seat with solid wood frame
  • Scratch free rubber feet
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Height : 88 cmWidth : 72 cm
Depth : 85 cmSeat Height: 44 cm
Box Volume : Weight : 16,7 kg


contract fabric and leather

Our wide range of Turkish made contract fabric and contract leather options allow you to create a unique design for your restaurant. 

  • Water Repellent
  • High Elongation
  • Tear Strength
  • Abrasion Resistant
type of woods

First quality kiln dried solid woods from Turkey with an extensive range of stains. Solid wood types that we are using:

  • Beech
  • Walnut 
  • Ash

All type of metal legs and accesories with coating and electrostatic painting in below finishes:

  • Antique
  • Textured
  • Glossy
  • Mat
  • Semi Mat


Wood joints are one of the most important point which will increase the life time of your chairs manufactured in Turkey.

CNC-Made Joinery connections with top notch adhesive improves the robustness of furnitures to perfections.

  • CNC Finger Joint
  • Finger Jointed corner blocks
  • Dowel Joint
  • Dovetail Joint
  • Mortise Tenon Joint


The introduction of armchairs has a significant impact on eateries. RCF offers a wide range of armchairs to provide guests with a deep, comfortable seating option in any restaurant. RCF achieves the ideal balance of form and function while designing armchairs. The Marcaoso wooden armchair, for example, is a trendy contemporary option that provides superb body cushioning for a longer period of time. Its rounded shape, padding, and armrests may provide hours of comfort.

Marcaoso curved hardwood armchairs come in a variety of upholstery options, including leather and the customer’s preferred fabric. Legs made of wood in a variety of wood finishes. All metal leg options are available in a variety of metal finishes at Restaurant Chair Factory. Marcaoso armchair is an excellent dining chair for your bar, restaurant, hotel, or other hospitality establishment.



Wooden recliners and armchairs manufactured in Turkey are a popular choice for restaurants looking to create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for their customers. In this piece, we will look at some of the many advantages of using wooden seats in a restaurant rather than other types of chairs.



The longevity and toughness of wooden restaurant chairs is one of its main features. Wood is a durable, long-lasting material that can resist the wear and strain of daily use. Wood is less likely to chip, split, or break than other materials such as plastic or metal. As a result, wooden chairs take a long time to wear out and need to be replaced. Wooden chairs, with proper maintenance and care, may be a terrific investment that will benefit your restaurant for many years to come.



Another advantage of employing wooden seats in a restaurant is that they are comfortable and stable. A well-crafted wooden armchair may give good lumbar support, which is critical for clients who must sit for long amounts of time. The backrest of a wooden armchair is frequently built to support the natural curvature of the spine. A wooden chair’s armrests give a pleasant spot for the arms to rest while dining. A wooden chair’s seat can also be built ergonomically, with the optimal depth and height for maximum comfort.



The material and color have an impact on the overall feel of the armchair. Which is better, fabric or leather? Is it more vibrant or more neutral? Restaurant Chair Factory, situated in Turkey, creates a wide range of wooden armchair shapes and patterns, each with its own aesthetic and design sensibility. Fabric armchairs with robust wood frames, such as the Marcaoso Wooden Armchair, are exceptionally comfortable and elegant, and come in an infinite range of colors, patterns, and styles to best match your houses. Also, it provides warmth and softness of the cloth, which is always at the appropriate temperature regardless of the weather.

You can simply select a wooden chair from Restaurant Chair Factory that complements the style of your restaurant because they come in so many various sorts and styles. Turkey creates a wooden chair to suit your tastes, whether you like a traditional, traditional design or a more modern, contemporary design. The general appearance and feel of a wooden armchair can vary depending on the type of wood used to construct it, such as oak, cherry, or maple. Because of the numerous colors and stains that can be used to finish hardwood seats, you have more possibilities.



Because wood is a renewable resource, using wooden chairs in restaurants is a sustainable choice. Unlike plastic or metal chairs, which are typically constructed from nonrenewable resources and may take some time to decompose, wooden chairs may be recycled and reused. Furthermore, certain wooden chairs are built from wood that was gathered in a sustainable manner, ensuring that the forests from which the wood was obtained were properly maintained.



The maintenance of wooden recliners in a restaurant is not difficult. Just clean them down with a moist cloth and pat them dry with a soft towel. A mild cleaning product could be used to remove harder stains. Unlike fabric chairs, which can be difficult to clean and maintain, wooden chairs require little upkeep to stay in good condition.



While some high-end wooden seats can be costly, there are many more affordable solutions. You may choose wooden armchairs that meet your budget thanks to their wide price range. Wooden chairs may prove to be less expensive in the long term than chairs made of other materials because they are more sturdy and long-lasting and will not need to be replaced as frequently.



To summarize, installing hardwood seats in your restaurant has numerous advantages. They are strong, pleasant, and simple to care for. They are available in a range of forms and patterns, allowing you to fit the style of your restaurant. Furthermore, beech wood chairs are an economical and environmentally responsible solution for restaurants aiming to establish a nice and pleasant ambience for their guests.

If you want a traditional, conventional interior design, wood is the best material to utilize. Hardwood armchairs, such as the Marcaoso Armchair produced in Turkey, are both durable and elegant, lending a rich appearance to your unfinished spaces. We like how this armchair’s understated style makes it suited for boho, modern, and coastal design themes. It is available in a variety of various designs and styles.

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