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Louissianaro Metal Chair Made in Turkey

  • Coated galvanize steel structure
  • Electrostatic powder painted steel structure
  • Robotic welded joints
  • Seat with cushion
  • Wide range customisable upholstery
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Height : 87,5 cmWidth : 52,5 cm
Depth : 61,5 cmSeat Height: 45 cm
Box Volume : 0,25 m3Weight : 8,1 kg


contract fabric and leather

Our wide range of Turkish made contract fabric and contract leather options allow you to create a unique design for your restaurant. 

  • Water Repellent
  • High Elongation
  • Tear Strength
  • Abrasion Resistant

All type of metal legs and accesories with coating and electrostatic painting in below finishes:

  • Antique
  • Textured
  • Glossy
  • Mat
  • Semi Mat


Customers will have a pleasant eating experience if you provide them with high-quality food, attentive service, and comfortable surroundings. This classy Louissianaro metal chair with customizable upholstery will offer guests a clean, inviting look when entering your establishment. Guests will immediately notice the sleek metal frame and comfortable upholstery. This metal chair made in Turkey will make an attractive addition to your restaurant, lounge, bar or other high traffic venue.

Any modern or contemporary restaurant would benefit from the Louissianaro contemporary gold metal upholstered chair. This chair has a plush seat and backrest that are covered in premium leather or fabric. The backrest’s design offers more comfort and support for extended periods of use. The sturdy steel base of the metal chair with a Turkish origin is finished in a stylish polished gold finish.



Restaurant chairs may help establish the tone for your dining room, whether you want a matching set or to mix it up for a more eclectic style. While superb food and service are important components in the restaurant’s ambiance, quality and comfortable seating also makes a huge difference. We frequently utilize hardwood furniture as well, but stainless-steel furniture is still preferred because it is stronger and lasts longer than wooden furniture. Furniture made of stainless steel is very difficult to distort. It has a long service life and can survive extreme heat and cold, so we don’t have to replace it for a very long time, which saves us a ton of money.

The Louissianaro metal chair is built of sturdy metal for unrivaled durability and can support up to 330 lbs. of weight. These restaurant chairs are standard for indoor metal tables because their metal frames with powder coatings resist rust and fracture. RCF also offers metal chairs with floor protection principles to keep the floor safe from scratches.



Modern metal furniture is anything but boring; there is a wide variety of forms and patterns available, and some of them are just as attractive as their wooden counterparts. Furniture painted in natural hues can sometimes even pass for wooden furniture, and you can also find combinations of wood and metal. This means that you may find metal furniture to complement any style of interior design.

Louissianaro metal chair is the peak of chic and contemporary design. It can be produced in a wide range of colors and finishes to suit a variety of settings, while also being capable of facilitating the development of aesthetically pleasing and functionally diverse places of business. RCF offers a wide selection of contract leather and fabric options to meet your requirements. These options are:

  • Water Repellent
  • High Elongation
  • Tear Strength
  • Abrasion Resistant



The most major benefit of upholstered metal restaurant chairs is their level of comfort. Louissianaro metal dining chairs are like sitting on a personal sofa while eating. It gives the feeling of sinking into a large, comfortable chair and standing for a while. If your care for your customers’ satisfaction, selecting the most comfortable chair appears to be the only alternative.

Interior design is getting more and more influenced by things that are popular now, and the trend in design is also toward making things that are modern and useful. It’s not surprising that steel furniture has become a mainstay in modern restaurants. Because steel furniture can be made to fit anyone’s taste and style, it’s easy to match stainless steel chairs, tables, shelves, and dining chairs in different shades of steel. People feel a sense of visual harmony when they look at their home appliances because they go well together.

This curved-back steel chair can be used in a variety of different ways to adorn a variety of different interiors. The exquisite design of the product that is favored by businesses such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other social facilities ensures that it makes a positive contribution to the overall aesthetic of the space it is situated. The user experience provided by the comfortable dining chair is characterized by a high level of coziness thanks to the dining chair’s innovative design as well as the advantage of a long lifespan offered by the chair’s high level of durability.



Use of metal chair reduces the risk of termites, bedbugs, and cockroaches significantly, yet research doesn’t entirely support this claim. You don’t need to worry too much even if pets damage your furniture because you can quickly clean it. When employing metal furniture, the material doesn’t come off like it does with wood, plastic, and leather. Additionally, due to its total scratch resistance and near indestructibility, steel furniture is nearly unbreakable by pets.



RCF will satisfy all your requirements if you’re seeking for a chic and elegant element for your interior projects. You can use the metal furniture made in Turkey for a variety of things. For example, if you like, you can utilize the Louissianaro chair in public places like hostels, lobbies, social centers, and shopping centers as well as in the food and beverage industry in places like restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, or bars.

Louissianaro metal chair rises on graceful metal legs and draws attention with its understated style that captures the era. A roomy and comfy area is created by the upholstered chair’s back and seats. To learn more about the product status, technical details, delivery schedules, production alternatives for logo customization, and pricing information, kindly contact us.

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