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Felixer Premium Wooden Restaurant Chair Made in Turkey

  • High quality kiln dried solid beech wood
  • Top notch adhesive for robustness
  • Wide range customisable upholstery
  • Solid wood frame backrest
  • Cushion seat with solid wood frame
  • Water based, lead free varnish
  • Anti-scratch rubber feet
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Height : 86 cmWidth : 51 cm
Depth : 57 cmSeat Height: 47 cm
Box Volume : 0,23 m3 8,3 kg


contract fabric and leather

Our wide range of Turkish made contract fabric and contract leather options allow you to create a unique design for your restaurant. 

  • Water Repellent
  • High Elongation
  • Tear Strength
  • Abrasion Resistant
type of woods

First quality kiln dried solid woods from Turkey with an extensive range of stains. Solid wood types that we are using:

  • Beech
  • Walnut 
  • Ash

All type of metal legs and accesories with coating and electrostatic painting in below finishes:

  • Antique
  • Textured
  • Glossy
  • Mat
  • Semi Mat


Wood joints are one of the most important point which will increase the life time of your chairs manufactured in Turkey.

CNC-Made Joinery connections with top notch adhesive improves the robustness of furnitures to perfections.

  • CNC Finger Joint
  • Finger Jointed corner blocks
  • Dowel Joint
  • Dovetail Joint
  • Mortise Tenon Joint


The chair is something that will always be required by humans. It can be utilized in virtually any venue, including living rooms, restaurants, taverns, and cafes. It is among the most important factors. Additionally, there are various models to choose from.

Wooden chair models continue to play an essential part among the numerous chair types utilized in restaurants and dining spaces. This is because wood is an extremely resilient material. Because it can be machined and there are hundreds of species of wood to choose from, it is one of the most popular materials for the construction of chairs.

The modern Felixer Premium restaurant chair, which is crafted in Turkey from solid beech wood and can be painted and upholstered in any leather or fabric option, is one of our finest wooden classic armchairs for your dining room. It features a curved plywood shell, a backrest made of solid wood frame and cushion, and a solid wood-framed seating space to provide comfort. RCF created and manufactured this wonderful hardwood chair in Turkey.



Wooden chairs are among the most frequent types of chairs in restaurants because of their pleasing appearance and organic feel. They are available in a wide range of shapes and finishes. Amazing wooden models come in a variety of patterns to suit any interior designing style, and they never fail to astonish and please.

From the selection of the tree to its preparation and construction, wooden chair models, for instance, involve a great deal of talent, effort, and experience, but they can readily adapt to vintage, modern, avant-garde, and contemporary lines and even take the lead among décor components.



Guidelines for picking an ideal wooden chair model include making sure it matches the intended design, is of the greatest quality and elegance, and is both beautiful and enjoyable to sit in.



It’s important to select a chair style that complements the room’s decor. In a room full of antique furniture, a wooden chair with sleek, modern design stands out as an unappealing mismatch.

Aside from its natural purity, the wooden chair can have a retro or vintage look with the proper amount of craftsmanship in the right places. RCF’s high-tech, contemporary Turkish-made chairs are available in a variety of wood-and-metal, glass-and-pvc-wood combinations. Wooden restaurant chairs are often favored over metal counterparts due to their versatility and high quality. Despite their ease of shaping, wooden chairs require specialized processing. When these chairs, which demand expertise, go through the right processes, many distinct wooden chair styles are produced. As a decorative component in a restaurant or any type of dining space, wooden chairs are unrivaled in their ability to improve the mood of any given room.



Solid chairs are built of recyclable materials and have a lifespan of 200-250 years. Solid chairs made of sustainably sourced wood require less care than chairs made of less ecologically friendly materials, and they can be equally well adapted to thinning and sanding operations. Because of its longevity, solid wood is utilized for the structure of chairs. Solid chairs last longer and are less prone to hold vermin and bacteria if moisture is removed before use.



The chair frame can be the greatest solution for anyone looking for unusual and interesting chairs. The core structure of patio and garden chairs is made of genuine, all-natural wood fibers. One of the most crucial components of any chair is its skeletal construction, which must be both sturdy and useful. The chairs’ durable construction, made of oak and beech wood, guarantees that they will last for many years to come.

When purchasing hardwood furniture, it is critical to prioritize durability. The skeleton of a piece of mobile, wooden furniture has a significant impact on how long it will endure. The type of tree utilized to build the skeleton’s wooden pieces influences quality as well. One possibility for furnishing your office is by using wooden tables and chairs made of oak, walnut, beech, or spruce. Remember that the portable furniture you choose for your business should be of high quality and long-lasting.



The great quality of the materials used stands out in this category. Sitting in a bad chair simply leads to regret and discomfort. At this stage, the importance of experience will become evident, and the product will be able to live up to its promises of symphony, beauty, and ease of use, much to the delight of its consumers.

Your comfort is equally dependent on the upholstery as it is on the structure of the chairs and armchairs you choose to furnish your dining hall with. Choose cushions made of materials that compliment wood to ensure that the back of the cushion is as comfy as the seat.



By using your taste for wooden chair and table types in the selection of portable furniture, you may create a design that works for any era. When deciding on a plan of action, keep the following factors in mind.

If you’re looking for robust hardwood tables and chairs, comfort should come first. No matter how many goods can fit in a space, there is a limit to the number of desks and seats that can be used there. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate size.

It is vital to use textiles that are the proper size, waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, as well as fashionable designs that function. Possessing furniture that is both functional and aesthetically beautiful is an excellent way to improve the mood of any area. The color of the finish and the color of the chair legs, for example, have an impact on the entire look. Tables that are stain-resistant and won’t collect food are quite useful in public locations such as cafes and restaurants.

RCF continues to provide superior, attractive, modern, and comfortable portable furniture for you, with Felixer Premium restaurant chair produced in Turkey being just one example. We kindly invite you to browse our landscaping and dining hall renovation materials and to contact us if you have any inquiries.


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